About Us

Decking (N.I.) Ltd was established in 2002.

We are a solution focused company. Our Eco products solve problems. We are a manufacturer, importer and Trade supplier. We supply the Landscaping, Construction and Playground Industries. We also supply Schools, Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, residential projects and roofing contractors.

What we do

We specialise in the manufacture and importation of high quality innovative low maintenance eco products made from recycled materials: Our Deck25 composite decking and other composite products are formed from recycled plastics (plastic bottles, yogurt pots, plastic milk cartons etc) and recycled wood fibre (mostly beech fibre from the furniture industry). Our Rubber products are manufactured from recycled rubber  (lorry and forklift tyres and rubber from the automotive and glazing industries).

Overview of our main Products - featured on this website

Deck25 composite decking - has excellent anti-slip, is virtually maintenance free, last up to 25 years.

Safety Paving - looks like brick paving, but is safer to fall on, excellent anti-slip, porous, fast to install, 1mx1m

Safety Tiles - have a 1.45m critical fall height, are large at 1mx1m, fast to lay very durable, last up to 20 years. All weather sports paving - is designed for school yards or public playing areas - very hardwearing, interlocks. Playground equipment (Residential) - very high quality, fast assembly, well designed, complies with BSEN71 Playground equipment (Commercial) - Low maintenance, very high quality, BSEN1176 Safety Standards


The Quality of the recycled materials that we use and the final products that we and our partner companies produce are achieved under very stringent quality controls, systems and practices.

What we, as a company stand for

Our company ethos is to be both sensitive and protective towards the environment.  We support  and actively undertake the search for more effective and innovative ways to collect and recycle materials. Our R&D teams are constantly looking for ways to create solution based products that can be created from recycled materials - mostly plastics, rubber and wood. We are strongly against the deforestation of the worlds rainforests. we advocate stronger measures to ensure better air quality in our cities. We believe in the creation of greener urban areas including the creation of mini eco systems and communal roof gardens on top of apartment and office blocks.

Other Divisions in the Group:


Recycled Plastic Composite Department

Deck25 is made from recycled plastic bottles and hardwood fibre. It has been used in 100's of projects requiring low maintenance, anti slip decking. Such projects include: theatres, heritage sites, government buildings, libraries, hotels and prestige projects like Dublin Castle and Belfast International Airport.

For more info visit  www.deck25.com


Rubber Matting Systems: 

Manufacturers of rubber matting products

Rubber matting systems specialises in the manufacture of low maintenance safety surfaces for Schools, Community playgrounds, Parks, Preschools and Special Needs Schools. It produces highly durable, attractive rubber matting products from recycled rubber granules.

For more info visit www.rubbermattingsystems.co.uk


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