Deck25 FAQs

Composite Decking Prices

Decking prices will vary considerably. Softwood timber decking prices are the lowest. Softwood timber decking is the common decking that you would find at your local builders providers. Softwood decking has the shortest life span and requires treating and or painting every year. Softwood decking is cheap to produce and gets very slippery which can be extremely dangerous to walk on.  it has the lowest decking prices.

Hardwood and composite decking are at the top end of decking prices. Deck25 decking prices are among  the most expensive types of decking for very good reasons: deck25 is very slow to produce, It has excellent anti slip properties, It never needs to be painted and has a life expectancy well in excess of 25 years.


Other uses for Deck25 composite decking include:

Low Maintenance products such as park benches, planters, picnic tables

Decking for pontoons

Stable doors

Heavy duty partitions and fencing panels

Playground equipment for schools and public playgrounds

are just a few of the alternative uses for Deck25.


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