Deck25 FAQs

How to clean composite decking

How to clean composite decking. Firstly Do not use a powerhose on your composite decking, as the fine nozzel creates alot of pressure at the end of the water jet.Where the jet of water engages  the decking board  lines will be created and tracked across your expensive composite deck if you use a powerhose.
We have used various methods for cleaning eight and nine year old composite decking boards. One product that worked very well for us is called cortaclean. Cortaclean crystals are disolved into a basin of hotwater then applied to the deck, the solution is left for approx 10mins then scrub the deck with a deck scrubber for approx 4 or 5 more minutes. It is very important that you wash the deck immediately afterwards with plenty of water; a hose is best for this.
We found that we got exactly the same effect when we used soda crystals dissolved in hot water. You need to be careful that you don't leave the solution on the deck very long, scrub the deck well and wash off with plenty of water.
If you don't rinse the deck off immediatley the solution will lighten the colour of your deck.
We suggest that you experiment first on a part of the deck that is well out of sight untill you master your technique and solution concentration: How to clean composite decking.

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