Deck25 FAQs

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is a low maintenance, anti-slip alternative to softwood and  hardwood decking. Deck25 composite decking solves the two main problems associated with timber decking. Deck25 composite decking boards eliminate costly maintenance and minimise slipping risk, both of which are major problems for hardwood and softwood timber decking.

Deck25 is a hybrid of recycled plastic (from recycled plastic bottles, milk cartons and yogurt pots) and recycled wood fibre (The recycled wood fibre is from the furniture industry and mostly beech timber).

Deck25 is solid throughout its 25mm depth. Deck25 is not a hollow core nor does not have a honeycomb structure inside the board. Deck25 is a solid composite decking board. the rich colour pigments are consistent throughout the board.


Deck25 Woodgrain composite decking has a very deep embossed wood grain pattern. this means that that the woodgrain pattern itself will last up to 25 years. This gives Deck25 a substantial advantage over other composite decking products where their woodgrain pattern is very thin. Deck25 woodgrain pattern will

outlast virtually every other woodgrain patterned composite because Deck25 is made differently to other composites. Deck25 woodgrain pattern is made by compression moulding, this involves 100's of tonnes of pressure being to each decking board to create the woodgrain pattern during the manufacturing process

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