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Welcome to Decking ( NI ) Ltd.


Established in 2002, Decking (N.I.) Ltd has been in business for over ten years.  We are manufacturers and wholesalers of low maintenance Eco products for the landscaping, decking, construction & playground industries.

Our low maintenance Eco products solve problems for the various industries that we supply,

We liaise with architects, landscape architects and designers, builders and local Authority professionals

We supply Landscapers, Builders, Decking companies, Self builders, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Schools, Parks, Hospitals and Residential projects directly.

We are a Specialist Trade Supplier - from pallet lots to 40ft trailer loads

Deck25™ Composite Decking is a low maintenance, 90% recycled product. It is produced from recycled plastic (plastic bottles, yogurt pots etc) and recycled wood fibre (from the furniture industry). It is designed to last up to 25 years. Deck25 composite decking is a solid board. Its colour is constant throughout the depth of the board. It outperforms timber decking in two main areas - Deck25™ has excellent anti- slip properties and deck25™ never has to be painted or treated, it also won't crack or splinter - very safe for bare feet. Deck25 has been used in 100's of high profile projects including International Airports, government building, foreign embassies and many self build projects and eco houses.

Our Rubber Safety Pavinghas become a favoured product for both domestic patio paving and communal roof gardens / terraces. Safety Paving offers two major advantages over concrete, brick or stone paving namely our rubber safety paving has excellent anti-slip properties and it cushions an individual or child in the event of a fall. It has a certified Critical fall height rating (safety rating). This product reduces potential for injury with excellent anti-slip properties and will minimise injury (and potential for claims) in the event of a slip or fall. Safety paving™ has significant insurance advantages. All of Our Eco rubber products are all made using high quality, recycled rubber. Quality of both raw material and final products are achieved under stringent quality controls, systems and practices.

Our  Wetpour-Tile™ Playground tiles are made from EPDM rubber and have one of the highest safety ratings of any rubber tile system . Our 42mm Wetpour-Tile™ Playground tiles start with a critical fall height rating of 1.45m. The 42mm Wetpour-Tile safety surface system is used extensively for school and preschool playgrounds. Our 84mm Wetpour-Tile™ Safety surface  has a CFH impact safety rating of 2.8m which is used in parks, public playgrounds and indoor climbing centres. Our  Wetpour-Tile™ safety surface is an anti-slip, impact absorbing safety system.

Our  landscaping Eco products allow the landscape architect, designer to create three dimensional structures using recycled rubber building components. Our eco products allow the creation of low maintenance structures that combines a strong safety element with a natural looking aesthetic. Some of our eco products include rubber logs -which are used vertically to create raised beds, our rubber kerbing is used for safety edging

Our large solid rubber Cubes and other eco products can be used in very creative ways such as our solid rubber cubes; they can be used as tables or chairs in a park, an outdoor classroom, components in a parkour style (free running) playground,  or simply an interesting structure with a safe tactile dimension.

Our Garden play equipment is designed to maximise value for money. Our most popular Castle Discovery 

( 9 in 1 ) climbing frame combines nine play activities in a single system. It is the preferred choice of many landscapers because the system will arrive on site in a series of preassembled panels and sections. This allows the system to be fully built on site in less than 1 hour (the only tool required on site is a heavy duty cordless driver). It is exceptionally well made using stainless steel fixings and water proof glue in the manufacture. All timber components are protected using our 4 stage protection system: pressure treatment, priming, painting and lacquering.

Our Commercial play equipment and park playground equipment combine several low maintenance play systems. The floors and climbing ramps of all of our commercial play towers and climbing frames are made from anti-slip low maintenance Deck25. The side panels and pelmets are made from very strong 3 layered recycled plastic panels. All of our park and commercial outdoor play equipment complies with commercial safety standards BSEN1176 and adheres to Rospa guidelines for safe play

Our sales and design staff can discuss the merits of different eco products for specific applications, their suitability to a proposed application or project and advise on correct installation procedures.


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