35mm Rubber Safety Paving™  (1mx1mx35mm tiles)

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Rubber Safety Paving (1mx1mx35mm tiles):Anti-slip,Cushions falls,porous & free draining.

The photograph above shows  a typical porous 35mm rubber Safety Paving  project. Here the rubber Safety Paving™ is used to surface a 300m2 Communal roof terrace garden in Newtownards, N. Ireland. The roof terrace garden provides a safe,spacious and secure open area for the residents of the 40 Apartments that make up the Block.( Each Safety Paving™ tile measures 1m x 1m x 35mm  and
weighs 30kg each

35mm Rubber Safety Paving™ tiles have an impact Safety rating of 0.75m CFH.(Critical Fall Height )

Rubber Safety Pavinghelps prevent slipping in the first place and secondly protects children & adults from injury in the event of a fall. Safety paving can be placed on compacted stone, concrete, tarmac or flat roof terraces, This patio paving system is very easy to lay to a professional standard, Life expectancy of rubber Safety Paving™ tiles is up to 20 yearsThe large 1mx1m commercial 35mm rubber safety paving™ tiles are a safer alternative to concrete paving, brick paving, timber decking. or stone patio paving. They have a much higher slip resistance value than concrete pavers or timber decking.   Rubber safety paving™ is made from recycled tyres and is an example of a perfect low maintenance eco product. They are used for commercial and domestic patios and roof terraces. Our rubber safety paving™ tiles are often used as an anti slip covering to cover existing, slippery timber decking

  • Safety paving™ has excellent anti-slip properties to reduce the risk of a fall
  • Safety paving™ prevents injury in the event of a fall
  • Safety Paving™ is porous / free draining
  • Safety paving™ is a recycled rubber eco product

Rubber Safety paving™ can prevent slip related accidents occurring in the first place, in the event of a fall, rubber safety paving™ tiles will cushion the impact, thereby protecting the person from serious injury.

As these patio paving tiles are a porous, free draining flooring system they allow rain water to pass straight through the rubber safety paving™ tiles. Under the influence of gravity the rain water follows the channels on the underside of each paving tile to the lowest point, normally to a storm water system. This attribute makes our rubber paving™ tiles an excellent anti slip choice for flooring patios, roof gardens, roof terraces, balconies and play areas.


As an Anti-slip alternative to timber decking - the Standard tile depth is  35mm but we can also produce a 50mm deep safety paving tile if required. Rubber Safety Paving does not require a supporting frame or packers to elevate it above the base.

A decking system for example on a roof garden requires a minimum total depth of 90mm (rubber 

shims, framing and decking). The rubber safety paving™ tiles are excellent for every type of footwear including stiletto heels. 


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Main Uses:

Patios and decked areas

Roof gardens

Roof terraces and balconies

Commercial landscaping Projects

Commercial paving projects

Anti-slip safety surface over slippery timber decking

Other Uses:

Creches, Preschools and Montessori

local authority assessment centres

Parks and community playgrounds

Main Benefits:

Excellent anti slip rating

Permeable - water drains through them

Very attractive product

High safety rating over concrete

Very Durable / hardwearing

1.0m Critical Fall Height

Will last up to 20 years

Create designs using system eg Roadways etc.

Colours - Green, Red, Classic Grey 

patio paving red
patio paving green
patio paving grey
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Case Study

Project: Eco Roof Garden (x40 Apartment Block) Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

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