Eco Grass Matting

eco grass matting

What is Eco Grass Matting Safety surface?

Eco Grass Matting safety surface is placed over existing grass areas. The holes in the eco grass matting allow water to pass straight through the mats and into the ground allowing excellent drainage. It is a very cost effective safety surface system. Eco Grass Matting has a very high safety rating. When placed over an established grass area with a min 200mm depth of topsoil, a critical fall height of up to 3m can be achieved.
Eco Grass Matting is an excellent product to use when 
retaining a natural environment and eco theme is important, such as parks, forest parks and schools.

Eco grass Matting becomes invisible after 5 or 6 weeks of grass growth as the grass grows up through
it. Look closely at the photo above. You can just about see the eco grass matting around the roundabout due to the heavy wear. This entire playground is protected with eco grass matting (approx 800m2).

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Main Uses:

School playgrounds

Playing fields

Local Authority parks

Forest parks and adventure trails

Eco playgrounds

Other Uses:

Carparking over grass

Grass Driveways

Creation of discreet road ways for emergency
rescue vehicles eg fire appliances / ambulances.

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Main Benefits:

Very high safety rating, Up to 3m CFH, Critical Fall Height. It is  Very Cost effective, as very little ground preparation is required, Eco grass matting does not require skilled labour to install. Using this safety surface system, (instead of excavating and replaced with stone and rubber wetpour system) the eco grass matting operates as a Water attenuation system - this system can help prevent flash flooding. It's use makes for responsible urban planning and practice.

The Economic Case - There are 3 major elements of cost savings that can be achieved:

Relatively low cost of eco safety grass matting rubber system

Very little ground preparation required. Eco grass matting can simple be laid ontop of short or freshly cut grass. Any hollows can be simply filled in with a top soil & reseeded. Most other safety surface systems require substantial excavation and base preparation prior to installation of safety surface

Eco safety grass matting can be installed by volunteers with little skill or expertise required. This makes this safety surface system the perfect choice for schools or community projects that can organise a volunteer workforce

Eco Safety Grass Matting:

Eco safety Grass matting is a commercial grade rubber grass matting system. It is designed for long life, in excess of 20 years. it is exceptionally durable and is made up mostly from recycled rubber. It is an eco product on 3 counts: firstly it has an 80% recycled rubber content, secondly it can help prevent flash flooding and thirdly it ensures that a park or school grounds has natural grass cover for fauna and flora as well as ensuring that it retains a natural aesthetic.

How does the Eco Grass Matting surface work?

The eco grass matting when installed over a grassed area (with a minimum of 200mm of topsoil) has an exceptionally high safety rating, up to 3m critical fall height. This is because the impact value is the combined impact absorption of the rubber matting and the top soil / sod below the rubber matting. For School playgrounds, public playgrounds and parks, we always recommend using a high strength stabilisation ground re-enforcement mesh between the matting and the sod/topsoil as it distributes the load more evenly, particularly in wet areas or areas with heavy foot traffic.

Case Study

Project: Country Primary School

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Premium Eco Grass Matting

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